Photo: Alexander Trolie

Matic Gajšek’s broad professional background include both artistic and management experience with various international arts organizations, including European Union Youth Orchestra (UK), HarrisonParrott Ltd. (UK), Grafenegg Festival (AU), Ljubljana Festival (SLO) and Norsk Publikumsutvikling / Audiences Norway (NO).

The upcoming engagements include Scandinavian representation of one of the most exiting Norwegian violinist Eldbjørg Hemsing, as well as conference programming and international relations at Norsk Publikumsutvikling / Audiences Norway.

Matic is studying towards Master of Sciences (MSc) in Leisure studies (with research focus on audience development) at NHTV University, The Netherlands. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Leisure Management and Leisure Studies, and Academic premaster in Strategic Business Management and Marketing (SBM) from NHTV University.